I can't say enough wonderful things about DJ Joe Khoury. We hired him for our wedding this past June 2017 as a family member recommended him but I truly didn't know much about him and was a little nervous.
My nerves quickly dissipated during our first phone call. Joe seemed to completely understand what it takes to have an amazing wedding and he understood that a lot of that depended on the DJ. I felt completely relaxed after our first phone call and completely trusted him. He went out of his way to set up various times to talk and go over things with me, he created an amazing timeline for our wedding and added so many great ideas. I had no idea I even needed a timeline and Joe came prepared with one and he had great recommendations.
He has a very very extensive music selection that you can look at online and easily add to your favorites to be played at the wedding. Joe even went out of his way to have several three way phone calls with my wedding coordinator, myself and my sister. He was so extremely patient with them. We had an amazing wedding and Joe kept everyone happy and on the dance floor which was exactly what I wanted. He was also extremely affordable! Considering how much pressure is on the DJ to really make a great party he's very very affordable and worth much much more than what you pay. I definitely recommend DJ Joe Khoury to anyone that needs a DJ, he is exactly who you need, you will not be disappointed.

Thanks Joe!! Your the absolute best!!
-Dina T.

Wedding - 09/16/2017

Wedding - 09/09/2017

Wedding - 09/09/2017

Wedding - 09/03/2017

Birthday Party - 08/26/2017

Gradtuation Party - 08/12/2017

Wedding - 07/22/2017


Fady & Jenny's Wedding

Another fun wedding. Gotta love it when u see ur hard work paying off. #NotGonnaLie #ImExhausted #Nar #TilTheAM #Egyptian #Wedding #Dj #DjLife #DjRuqus #DjJoeKhoury #Newport

Posted by DJ Joe Khoury on Sunday, January 24, 2016


My 400th DJ event, and I love it more than ever. Fun guests make my job so much easier and enjoyable. #DanceAllNight #FullDanceFloor #Yes #IKeepTrack #AwesomeWedding #GreatScenery #Egyptian #Wedding #Cheers #Dj #DjLife #DjRuqus #DjJoeKhoury #MiddleEasternDj

Posted by DJ Joe Khoury on Sunday, January 10, 2016


Wedding setup. Almost showtime.

Posted by DJ Joe Khoury on Saturday, January 2, 2016


Congrats Meryana on your bridal shower. I hope you enjoyed it. I definitely did. Eat your hearts out fellas!! #BeautifulLadies #BridalShower #Yes #OnAMonday #Dj #DjLife #DjJoeKhoury #DjRuqus #Arabic #Syrians

Posted by DJ Joe Khoury on Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Party

St. George 2015 Youth Christmas Party

Packed house last night at the St. George Christmas Party. They rocked all night!!! (Sorry for the short video, but I was a bit tied up at the time)

Posted by DJ Joe Khoury on Saturday, December 19, 2015

Partying up with the ladies on a Thursday night. They were a blast.

Posted by DJ Joe Khoury on Friday, December 4, 2015

Halloween Party

When things get a little cray cray #SoGoodToBeBad #Halloween #Party #SuryoyoNation #Syrian #FridayNight #House #EDM #DjLife #DJ #DjJoeKhoury #DjRuqus Joe Khoury St. Ephraim Youth Organization

Posted by DJ Joe Khoury on Sunday, October 25, 2015