Joe Khoury is a blessing and wonderful addition to EVERY wedding! A true hero. Prewedding planning - He answered my calls and messages all within appropriate times. If he wasn't able to speak, he always let me know. He was so quick to respond to messages and calls. His communication is wonderful and he was always so timely. I'm the squirrelly type so it made me feel at ease when he got back to me in time. He was able to send me documentation and receipts of everything. A google doc that the both of us can write into and coordinate together. It was so easy and efficient. During planning, I had about 30 Arab songs that my family and I wanted played. We sent them to him and he was able to have them all ready to go when the wedding came. Super pleasing. DAY OF- he arrived 3 to 4 hours in advance. He prepared and got ready for the event. He was dressed professionally. He had coordinated in advance with the Zaffeh group therefore both parties knew when to end and start. He also went over the agenda with me before we left for photos. He knew what he was doing. During the wedding he played songs, took requests, and was so patient with every guest and family member. Agenda and Schedule - Even when the family wanted to change the schedule and move things around, he was quick to adapt and accommodate their needs. He was able to speak with us about every move and detail before moving forward. He carried this wedding on his back! He was the DJ and the coordinator. He was so on it! Not a hair was out of place. He was able to navigate around the time slots and move things around without disrupting the rhythm of the wedding. He made sure there was no time lost or awkward. No one would have known things got changed around! It was so fluid and natural. He's amazing. I highly recommend him. I cannot say enough good things about Joe. I regret nothing and wouldn't change a thing about my wedding. I'm so blessed to have had him be our DJ.

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Other Services
  • Event MC
  • Event Coordinator
  • Website to create customized playlist
  • Event Outlines for Weddings
  • Up-Lighting

  • Top of the line Laptop w/ Serato Software
  • JBL SRX815P Powered Speakers - 2000 Watts Each
  • Mackie SRM1850 Subwhoofer - 1600 Watts
  • Pioneer DDJ-SZ Controller
  • Yamaha MG82CX 8 Input Stereo Mixer
  • Shure Wireless Mic
  • AKG WMS 420 Wireless Mic
  • Sound Active Laser Lights - 3D Galaxian
  • Sound Active LED Lights - Hyper Gem LED
  • Sound Active Lit DJ Booth
  • Up-lighting
  • Strobe Lights
  • Fog Machines
  • Photo Booth
  • Hologram Projection
  • Confetti Cannon
  • Backup system