The whole wedding planning experience is difficult. It’s hard to decide on who will do the best job for your special day. A month before our wedding we met with Joe. Instantly we felt at ease with him. He was extremely professional and you can tell he has a passion for his work. Joe really wanted to figure out what type of music we like and what type of crowd will be attending our wedding. As we ended our meeting we did not sign with him since we had another DJ to meet the next day. He fully understood and stated he hopes he hears from us. We didn’t feel like we were forced and he was very kind and understanding. The next day we hired Joe without even meeting the other DJ. As the wedding day comes closer I signed up on his site to add song list. About a week before our wedding Joe was in constant contact with me. He reassured me that all will have a great time. Joe was AMAZING!! Everyone was dancing all night there wasn’t a “downtime”. The music flowed very well. He was on the whole night. A few days after our wedding so many of my guests stated that they had a wonderful time dancing and they really enjoyed all the music Joe played. One person even said that even though her feet hurt so much she couldn’t stop dancing. A couple of my guest even asked for his business card. If you are contemplating hiring Joe don’t hesitate!! Joe will do a terrific job for you on your special day. Good luck, Maya

Wedding - 09/16/2017

Wedding - 09/09/2017

Wedding - 09/09/2017

Wedding - 09/03/2017

Birthday Party - 08/26/2017

Gradtuation Party - 08/12/2017

Wedding - 07/22/2017


Fady & Jenny's Wedding

Another fun wedding. Gotta love it when u see ur hard work paying off. #NotGonnaLie #ImExhausted #Nar #TilTheAM #Egyptian #Wedding #Dj #DjLife #DjRuqus #DjJoeKhoury #Newport

Posted by DJ Joe Khoury on Sunday, January 24, 2016


My 400th DJ event, and I love it more than ever. Fun guests make my job so much easier and enjoyable. #DanceAllNight #FullDanceFloor #Yes #IKeepTrack #AwesomeWedding #GreatScenery #Egyptian #Wedding #Cheers #Dj #DjLife #DjRuqus #DjJoeKhoury #MiddleEasternDj

Posted by DJ Joe Khoury on Sunday, January 10, 2016


Wedding setup. Almost showtime.

Posted by DJ Joe Khoury on Saturday, January 2, 2016


Congrats Meryana on your bridal shower. I hope you enjoyed it. I definitely did. Eat your hearts out fellas!! #BeautifulLadies #BridalShower #Yes #OnAMonday #Dj #DjLife #DjJoeKhoury #DjRuqus #Arabic #Syrians

Posted by DJ Joe Khoury on Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Party

St. George 2015 Youth Christmas Party

Packed house last night at the St. George Christmas Party. They rocked all night!!! (Sorry for the short video, but I was a bit tied up at the time)

Posted by DJ Joe Khoury on Saturday, December 19, 2015

Partying up with the ladies on a Thursday night. They were a blast.

Posted by DJ Joe Khoury on Friday, December 4, 2015

Halloween Party

When things get a little cray cray #SoGoodToBeBad #Halloween #Party #SuryoyoNation #Syrian #FridayNight #House #EDM #DjLife #DJ #DjJoeKhoury #DjRuqus Joe Khoury St. Ephraim Youth Organization

Posted by DJ Joe Khoury on Sunday, October 25, 2015